Tuesday, December 21, 2010

the Picturesque Episodes - The Endless Blooms

The Picturesque Episodes is a post rock/ambient/drone/experimental/neo classical/music solo project by Darius Gerulis. This track is the opening for his upcoming album, Endless Lullabies (I think that up there is the album art for it...not positive though), which Gerulis is calling 'massive'. And this track certainly lives up to that name. Great build, great climax, great ending...another great climax, another great ending...this song takes you for a ride. It really doesn't sound like only one guy is doing this, which certainly shows Gerulis' talent. This is one hell of a track, and it makes me quite excited for the album

I should get around to reviewing some of his other albums - for a one man project, there's a lot of music out there under his name. All of it available for free on his blog, here.

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