Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Angels Of Light - New Mother

What would happen if Swans went folk? Well, they would be Angels of Light. Giras band after Swans ended is much more laid back, much more acoustic, much more 'folk-ey'. This album, the first under the Angels name, starts off with a bit of an ode to Swans - Praise Your Name. In this song, Gira says goodbye to Swans: it's been a good run, you were marvelous, but it's time to move on. After that, Gira takes us on an hour long romp through his aged, yet still twisted mind. I guess that's ultimately what this album is - Gira still being himself, except later in life. This could have been a Swans album very easily, but for whatever reason Gira decided to give it a new name. It's still got the darkness of Swans, along with the brighter folk bits. All in all, a great album.

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