Sunday, May 29, 2011

Killbody Tuning

Long time no see guys! How you been? No, no, shut up, enough small talk, because you have to listen to this band. The RBN has done it again.

The thing is, I buy a LOT of songs on RB. To be completely honest, often times, especially with the RBN songs, I'll buy them, play them, enjoy them, and then kind of forget about them for a while. This is definitely not one of those cases. This band completely amazed me with the two songs available right now (Marker of Change and Bamburg, the first two videos above respectively) as well as the one that's on it's currently in the pipeline (Seestrasse, the last video above). I'm normally more of a metal guy, hence why a lot of my posts are of lesser known metal bands, but lately I've really been getting into more indie-post-rocky type stuff as well. If you're into that kind of stuff (and if you're on this site, then there's a good chance you are), then definitely don't let the fact that this band is on Rock Band throw you off.

Friday, May 20, 2011


I've recently taken up a little challenge for myself, and by recently I mean I've been doing it since the 30th of April. The challenge is to listen to every album I have on my computer.

See, I have a lot of music, like most music nerds, but the thing is I've only listened to about half of it. And about half of the stuff I did listen to, I never paid a whole lot of attention to, and then I never listened to it again.

So I've taken on this little challenge to try and make myself listen to all of this music. I even made a special page just for it! So as of right now, here while I'm making this post, I'm listening to This Is Happening by LCD Soundsystem, another one of the albums I'd listened to but never paid attention to. I am silly, this is good. But I have nothing to say about it really, nothing worth noting. It's good, okay? I like it.

But yeah, this would be a boring blog post. And it is a boring blog post. So here I am, I am going to share with you, and you are going to be all "I am glad you shared with us, because we enjoy this, okay?" That's the reaction I'm going for anyway! So so so, music music music. What have I come across that you might think is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC???

Well well well! I did happen to be listening to A Cross The Universe by Justice a while ago. Cross itself is a great album. But have you ever heard A Cross The Universe? The live album I mean. Oh my god, holy shit.

Are you feeling that? Isn't that just the best build up ever? And the release, holy wow. That's just immense, my goodness gracious. I am so flustered by it.

But hey here, here's another one, another one! Recent time has just been bursting with the good tunes, right?

I love that bit.
Also, gotta love the Varg references (kind of?) in there for the first verse.

I spent the winter on the verge of a total breakdown
While living in Norway
I felt the darkness of the black metal bands
But being such fawn of a man
I didn't burn down any old churches
Just slept way too much, just slept

Man, I had of Montreal for so long, and I didn't ever listen to this album. What is wrong with me. I am awful.

But hohoho yesss I have more shitty shit! I can't quite remember how I got myself tangled in all this Japanese classical/electronic music (maybe it was when I got linked to Motoro Faam by someone) but I've kind of got myself all tangled up anyway. And it's great. I can't lie.

All very nice Japanesey stuff going on for a while, and then it's all breakcore kind of electronic rubbish being thrown around. But that's not the best one. I really think I should've been linking you this one instead, right?

Don't feel like listening to the whole 13 minutes right now? That's fine. I am okay with that. You are totally forgiven, you lazy waste of space. If you're just wanting to get to the point and get the best bit, listen from 10:00 onwards, or thereabouts. First listening to that in my mp3 as I was going to sleep. Oh gosh, my mind was just gone. Blown, even. Holy hell. That is just the most fun ever. Got anymore like that? Get yer comments going, mannn

More Japanese classical electronic bullshit, you ask? Oh yes yes yes, Kashiwa Daisuke!

Not a fan of 36 minute songs? Well man tough luck, it's all or nothing. Or I guess whatever part you listen to. It's all great, though. Favourite bit is probably 2:45 to about 3:40. Before that, it's all seemingly random glitchiness all over the place, but then that kind of mixes it up in just the best way, without sounding like it's just being played that way, it's all chopped up and arranged like that (at first anyway [seemingly]). And it's just bliss.

But that's all. Well actually that isn't all, I have some other stuff I'm wanting to post up, but that's about a whole album, so I'll get back to you on that later, or maybe tomorrow. Maybe never.