Monday, June 13, 2011

World's End Girlfriend - Seven Idiots

Okay so how do I describe how this sounds. Some sources say it's UNCLASSIFIABLE which is bullshit and laziness. Shut up, your music isn't that weird, you smug cunt.
Anyway, it has guitars, jazzy sounds, glitchiness, electronic sounds, and random audio samples here and there. It's pretty crazy.

Here's a very very very very catchy one, "Teen Age Ziggy" which sounds ridiculous but shut up :(

World's End Girlfriend – Teen Age Ziggy by erasedtapes

Nobody has it on Youtube which is either because it's so super duper obscure or because it keeps getting removed (like it did when I tried to upload it. So probably that.)

It's mostly that kind of sound, but it does have some creepy ambient stuff like in The Offering Inferno.

But man man man I love it so much >: First listen was at midnight in the dark with headphones. Lying down. Staring at the ceiling. I didn't even know it was going to be like this. Such fun.

Also that there, in that video, that's the album cover. The interesting one. The other one is dull I wont post it.

Also I described it as jazzy before because I'm pretty sure I remember someone saying it was jazzy, and fuck I've not been paying attention enough to know? But eh, this album is just incredibly fun like I never imagined. It's crazy weird shit and I love it. Listen to it. BECOME THE SEVENTH IDIOT.