Friday, December 17, 2010

Goldfish - Get Busy Living

I was introduced to Goldfish through radio, sometime at the start of this year, when I was just starting to really get into music, looking for new bands. I fell in love with their second album "Perception of Pacha", which pretty much dominated my earliest scrobbles on I'd since forgotten about the band until I found out about the new album.

They're from South Africa!
And they're electronica, dance, nu-jazz thing

I'm not a good critic, I'm just a music enthusiast. The only thing that I've picked up on is mention of texting and such-like in the lyrics, which irks my soul ever so slightly.
And I'll mention that I really like the music video for "Get Busy Living". Such a cute style I think.

Hope you enjoy it!
(got to love the bull playing a Nintendo DS at 2:47)

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