Friday, July 9, 2010

Sweet Billy Pilgrim. Also Hi Guys.

Since this is my first post on the blog, I suppose I should introduce myself. I'm KEWB. Pretty much everybody who is a part of writing this blog knows me, but in case anyone actually follows this blog, I figured I should tell you a little about myself. I love music of just about all types, though mostly metal. I played trombone in my school's band through grades 6-11 and Graduated from high school in 2008. I also started playing electric guitar a couple years ago (I think it was the summer of 08, yeah, that sounds right so that's what I'm saying ok). I really never had any interest in playing guitar though until I started playing Guitar Hero and Rock Band, which I'm still addicted to (well, still addicted to Rock Band anyway). Horribly. I'm currently sucking at college and looking for full-time work while working a shitty job at Burger King in the meantime.

Now that introductions are over, time to get to the myoozaks. Remember how I said I was addicted to Rock Band? Well it was announced today that a song by Sweet Billy Pilgrim is going to be coming to Rock Band as DLC next Tuesday (along with a 5-pack of songs by The Vines, whose song Get Free will be on RB3).

If you're like me, the first thing you thought when you saw the title of this post was "Who the fuck is Sweet Billy Pilgrim?" But I kinda liked the Crown of Thorns track that was released on RB a few weeks ago, along with many of the songs by the countless no-name bands in the RBN, so Harmonix is no stranger to introducing me to cool new music by bands I've never heard of. So I hit Youtube to give the announced song a listen, and I found this video.

Kinda neat, no? I don't know if I'm gonna get it, as it doesn't sound like something that would be very fun to play on RB. Kinda baffled as to why this song was released before RB3 since they could have licensed it for RB3 features since it's kinda keyboard heavy (for those of you out of the whole Rock Band news loop, RB3 is going to have keyboard, along with vocal harmonies and "pro mode", which is essentially playing real instruments), but whatever. Still a good example of Harmonix introducing me to some new music. Maybe one day when I'm bored and just want something new to play I'll pick it up. There are definitely worse songs in the RB library.

That's all for now. Later cockbiscuits.

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