Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Man Parts

Hello everyone, welcome to my very manly post for today. Today the band I'm featuring is Man Parts, a joke band (by which I mean stuff like Psychostick, Dethklok, Spinal Tap, etc.) made up of of two strapping young lads who hail from Twin Cities Minnesota. If you have Rock Band 2 for Xbox 360 and Xbox Live, you can find a couple of their songs in the Rock Band Network store, which is how I found them. Here's their Facebook page.

According to the Facebook page, Mike Plante's role in the band is "Lead Guitar Shredification", as well as being the "Lead Vocal Noise-Maker." With him is Nathan Gerdes, whose roles are "Drumset Thrash-o-phizer, remedial bassist, backup vocal noise-maker." And apparently their genre of music is classified as "Tofu-thrash." I take it that means they make fun of every couple of kids who ever tried to be brutal by tuning their guitars to drop d and playing some overly simplistic riffs with horrible tone, by doing just that.

They completely nail what they're going after. After a few seconds of listening, thoughts come rushing to your head of a couple of teenagers on a Youtube video with no talent trying to be the next big thing, and it's genuinely funny. Their song Motorcide has become a big hit amongst my friends and coworkers at parties (we often have to shout the chorus whenever the mood strikes us). You obviously can't take it too seriously musically, but if you're in the mood for some sheer ridiculousness take a listen.

As I said, Motorcide is available for purchase in the Rock Band Network store on Xbox 360, as well as Molten Death. Both songs are 80 Microsoft Points each (the equivalent of $1).

Last but not least, here's videos of both of the songs in action on Rock Band in audition mode (I'm not sure if these were the final versions of the charts or not though).

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