Saturday, July 10, 2010

LSD Soundtrack

Greetings once again anuswaffles.

So there's this old PS1 game that was only released in Japan called LSD. No, it's not about drugs. It's kind of a "dream simulator." See, a staff member at Asmik Ace Entertainment (the company who developed and published the game) had been keeping a dream journal for about a decade, and the idea was that they would take things from her dream journal and put them into the game. More of an art project than a game really, as your only objective is to walk around various areas and watch what happens, hoping to see something new. There are only a handful of areas in the game, but sometimes they'll render with different textures, or there will be new objects, or some new people/animals/creatures will be roaming around, etc.

You may be wondering what all this stuff has to do with music. Well, this game is weird. Weird as shit. With a game like this, you need a soundtrack that's weird as shit too. I wasn't able to find what I would actually call a soundtrack of music from the game, but there IS a soundtrack of remixed tracks from the game called Lucy in the Sky with Dynamites. You can find the songs on Youtube, but I highly suggest you download the album if you want to give it a listen, as it's one of those albums where every song flows with the next one really well so the whole album is more like one really long song. Speaking of which, apparently all of the "songs" from the game aren't really individual songs, but all part of the same musical score, played in different tones.

So anyway, check it out. There's 20 tracks, many of which are really short, but there are a few 3-4 minute songs in there, and a couple that are over 7 minutes. Here's a download link.

As strange as the music (and the game for that matter) is, I really kinda like it, in a weird way. The game itself is really hard to find too, but you can find ISOs of it pretty easily to run on a PS1 emulator. Of course, as a wise man once said, "This is illegal you know."

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