Friday, July 16, 2010

Enemies List Home Recordings Weekend Extravaganza!

This weekend I'm gonna make a few posts highlighting artists and albums released by a marvelous home recording label, Enemies List. This label, made by two bros, has released around 6 or 7 albums so far by various artists, and their mission is to, pretty much, kill the music industry. They do limited physical releases, their artists are only liable for one release (and more if they want it) and it's a generally cool little label. They like to interact with their listeners as well - earlier this year they held a scavenger hunt to find a "long lost tape" of one of the bands on their label, Nahvalr. They posted various clues and images, and a group of people on Last.FM went into the woods and found this tape. It was pretty cool. You can read about it on the labels Last.FM page, posted below.

Anyway, the label focuses on shoegaze, metal, post rock, post metal, and other such genres of music. This weekend I'll showcase three releases. Are all 3 mind-blowingly amazing? Nah. Is one incredibly mind-blowingly amazing and the other two extremely good? Very much so. Stay tuned.

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