Thursday, August 12, 2010

Organical - We've Lost Contact with Monster Island

Organical is another band that I found about from a member of Darren Wilson, one of the band's guitarists, made a post saying that they uploaded some new songs. I hadn't checked out the band before, so I went onto his website and checked out some of the songs. I really liked them, so once the store section of the site was up and running, I went ahead and placed an order for their new album, We've Lost Contact with Monster Island. Me being the type to prefer physical copies, I ordered the cd rather than just the iTunes download. Unfortunately, the band is from Canada, so this meant a waiting for about a week and a half or so. It was well worth the wait though. The shipping price to the US wasn't bad either ($3). Also worth noting is that Darren told me I was the first person to place an order on their new online store. Pretty cool lol, and I ended up getting a free button pin and bumper sticker. Unfortunately, the sticker was bent up a little and had a corner torn. It was a really clean tear though and looked fine when I applied it to my amp cabinet. I digress though, thanks for the freebies guys! (and thanks to the Canadian/US postal services for bending up my sticker. You jerks.)

I only ended up listening to the songs on the band's website before ordering the cd arrived, though you can stream the entire album on the band's Facebook page. I guess I just wanted some of the songs to be a surprise. :)

Enough of the boring crap, onto the music. Listening through it, I can say it's truly a masterpiece. It's not really that heavy, but I would still consider it metal. It's also got some elements of electronica in there as well, along with various hints at other genres from time to time. Now when I say that, probably the first thing that comes to mind for a lot of people is band's like The Devil Wears Prada, Attack Attack!, Asking Alexandria, etc. Believe me, this band is NOTHING like that. This has much more of an experimental edge to it. Organical isn't really a band where you can say "they sort of sound like [band x]." Heck, they're not even really a band where you can say "they sound kind of like [band x] mixed with [band y] with a little hint of [band z]." They've captured they're own unique sound, and I love it.

In addition to the excellent songwriting, the quality of the recording and production is absolutely top notch. It's very full and dynamic. This is definitely an album that you'll want a good system to listen to it on.

The artwork is of the packaging is great too and really fits the mood of the music. The back of the case for example has the tracklist separated, with the earlier tracks at the bottom and the later tracks at the top, with links to the bands website, twitter, facebook, and myspace between the separated segments. And yes, that's a QR code there in the middle (though I don't know what it links too since I don't have any means of decoding it). There's no booklet included. Rather, all the song lyrics/credits/everything else you would normally find in a booklet are all printed on the inside of the packaging.

tl;dr Listen to them and buy the album. You won't be disappointed.

Oh, and also, ib4 "lol I can see you and your crappy phone in the cd's reflection".


  1. Hey there, this is Steve from Organical. Thanks for the great review, I'm really glad you enjoyed the record, but goddamn Canada Post!!! Expect a new sticker(or two) and some more buttons on us to make up for it.


  2. Thanks for checking out the review Steve! The new goodies really aren't necessary, but they wouldn't go unappreciated and I certainly wouldn't turn them down lol. Also, thanks again for the link to our blog on your Facebook page. Now if some of us can stop being so lazy and actually update it.