Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fuck, I'm A Ghost - Fuck, I'm A Ghost

This is a very, very cool release from the similarly very, very cool record label Futurerecordings, who release albums by various bands usually making post rock music, or some variation of the sort. This band however makes math-rock-type music that reminds me a bit of Menomena, a bit of Slint, and even a bit of Modest Mouse. A bit of A Silver Mt. Zion in the vocals as well. Catchy stuff here, folks.

You can download/stream the whole album for free from the label's site below, and buy the album on limited vinyl as well. Definitely one of the best new acts of 2010, in my opinion.

(p.s. i'm planning on buying a number of things from futurerecordings in a few days, so those'll be coming up soon. i might be able to convince Noctus to post about a band from this label that he really digs too. plus a theme month to coincide with the album im most looking forward to this year)

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