Monday, August 9, 2010

John Knox Sex Club - Blud Rins Cauld/Posirawkmademenego

John Knox Sex Club is a Scottish band who makes really good music. It's like Frightened Rabbit mixed with post-rock. It's really good. The main album, Blud Rins Cauld, is a somber yet lovely 40 minutes full of weeping violins, beeping horns, crashing drums, thrashing guitars, running Williams, ditches, cities, dogs and rubble.

It's really good.

It comes in this cool cardboard handmade box with various goodies including a live EP, showing a more electric side of the band, featuring an alternate version of the song Leaving You.

Did I mention this whole thing is really good?

This is for fans of Frightened Rabbit, and good music in general.

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