Monday, August 9, 2010

Altar of Plagues - Tides

Tides is the new EP by the Irish experimental black metallers, Altar of Plagues. It was released a few months ago and I've recently been absolutely obsessed with it. It has a wonderfully gritty sound and a beautifully intricate set of dissonant melodies, all of which flow beautifully. Obviously to reflect the name of the EP!

I wrote a review for this release and it can be read here.

It's also worth mentioning that this release is available as a digipack that comes with a t-shirt and a black vinyl. Also, a limited edition gold vinyl that comes with an artbook! I plan to get me the gold vinyl as soon as I can, I'll post pictures when I get them. This might not be your thing, but it's really worth hearing anyway. Give it time to sink in, it took me a lot of listens for it to finally click with me.

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