Friday, February 18, 2011

The Go! Team - Rolling Blackouts

Welp, the criticism has it that this is just more of the same, and predictable and blah blah blah (I'm a critic I get paid to predictably dislike things for predictability reasons). But I'm a "if it's this good, then who the fuck cares" kinda guy when it comes to music.

The Go! Team are just incredibly difficult to dislike. It's just too gosh darn happy.
I'm just way too common a person to be a good critic. It's just fun, so enjoy it. I can't explain what I like or dislike about each track and I don't know enough about music to be able to make any fitting comparisons to genres or bands or eras. But who cares who it sounds like and what sort of time it sounds from. I don't.

But so what, you can still listen to it. So do that now and see if you dig these NASTY TUNES.

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